Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a form of treatment for cancer that utilizes the immune system to attack cancer cells, the same way they attack bacteria or virus.

The immune system is made up of white blood cells (WBCs) plus the organs and tissues of the lymphatic system. Immunotherapy helps the immune system work harder in a more targeted approach to get rid of cancer cells. It can also help the efficiency of other mainstream treatments or help restore the immune system after chemotherapy. Immunotherapy has fewer side effects than other treatments and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

NK cells (or Natural Killer Cells) are important immune cells that are critical for innate immunity. They have anti-tumor, anti-viral and immune regulatory functions. NK cells are the patrol units of the immune system, and they can respond quickly to kill diseased cells. The most common method of NK cell therapy is to obtain human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and to subject these to antibody and cytokine stimulation ex vivo, resulting in vitro NK cell activation and proliferation.

Anti-Cancer Infusions

IV infusions of certain antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals can greatly support anti-cancer mechanisms in the body. IV route ensures these nutrients are immediately available to the cells, tissues and organs of the body.

Ozone & Oxygen Therapy

Ozone therapy for cancer works by significantly increasing the amount of oxygen in a patient’s body — thereby supercharging it to heal faster.

We create a customized treatment package for each of our patients. Each of our treatment packages include an individualized combination of NK cell, IV infusions, Ozone & Oxygen Therapy and Cannabis Treatment.

Cancer Immunotherapy