Cancer Risk Test

Cancer Risk Test

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CANCER RISK TESTSThe Early detection and prevention of Cancer

Vital Medi Clinic offers advanced Cancer Risk Tests to assess your individual risk factors and provide you with valuable insights into your overall cancer risk profile.

  1. Cancer Biomarker Tests analyze specific biomarkers in your body, providing information about your susceptibility to certain types of cancer. We work towards personalized prevention and early detection strategies
  2. NK Activity Test: Natural Killer (NK) cells play a vital role in the immune system’s defense against cancer cells. The test helps evaluate your immune system’s ability to fight cancer.
  3. Circulating tumor cell test are a type of blood test that detects cancer cells in the bloodstream. These tests are used to monitor the progression of cancer, assess the effectiveness of cancer treatment and potentially detect the presence of cancer before symptoms develop.

Let’s stay ahead of cancer together!

Cancer Risk Test

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