Men & Women Health Checkup

Men & Women Checkup

Health Checkup

Men & Women Health Checkup

  • Cardiovascular health assessment
  • Hormone level analysis
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Lifestyle and risk factor analysis

At Vital Medi Clinic we focus on you as an individual, assessing your unique risk factors so we can tailor a custom-made approach to addressing your medical needs. 

Our functional health approach to medical care means that if we find a disease or condition, we don’t just find a drug to match it; we address the root of the problem and its cause, questioning the decreased function in particular areas and how to restore it. This functional approach to medicine looks to find the root cause of loss of system function and reveal to us why there are symptoms in the first place. We also consider your lifestyle and dietary habits to provide a snapshot of the influences in your lifestyle.  Nutrition and other factors may be having an impact on your physical, mental and emotional health and this allows us to take a holistic approach to your care.

The health check up package we offer includes a detailed health questionnaire, along with blood and urine tests. 

Full Spectrum Pathology testing covers a comprehensive range of health impeding processes in the body, including vitamin and mineral deficiency and toxicity, white and red blood cell count, mineral and trace element levels, inflammation, cancer markers and more.

Men & Women Health Checkup

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