Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Wellness Program

Oxygen Therapy

Main Indications:

  • Circulatory problems: venous, arterial, edema, ulcers and gangrene
  • Decrease of cerebral circulation: post- apoplectic state
  • Heart weakness
  • As pre-operative measure
  • Migraine
  • Bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis
  • Brain spasms of any etiology, perivenous encephalitis, cerebral insufficiency and mental retardation
  • Dysmenorrhea, hypertension, dialysis patients
Oxygen Therapy

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

  • Treatment for insomnia
  • Slight increase of body temperature
  • Stabilization of blood pH
  • Enhancing of immune system by increasing white cells
  • Decrease of blood density
  • Decrease of conventional medication
  • Increase of patient’s physical conditions
  • Improvement of the levels of hemoglobin, uric and lactic acid, lipoproteins, cholesterol and triglycerides and transaminases
  • Risk reduction of thrombosis by increasing fibrinogens
  • Improvement of respiratory functions
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